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Community Recognition - South West Sydney Regional Academy Of Sport Nurturing Local Sporting Talent

16th May, 2024.

As the world watches the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games later this year in Paris, there will be some young athletes in Wollondilly thinking further ahead to competing on home soil in the 2032 Brisbane Olympics. Thanks to the South West Sydney Regional Academy of Sports [RAS], for some of these athletes their sporting dreams will become a reality. South West Sydney RAS is one of eleven Regional Academies of Sport in NSW, providing the direct link for young athletes to move from club levels sports to elite levels. The RAS works to guide athletes to develop to the very best of their abilities and beyond. For some athletes this means moving on to compete within their high-performance pathway. For others returning to their local club to bring back their learned skills and leadership to inspire the next generation to compete with, rather than against their competitors to bring out the best in everyone. Sports organisations like this allow youth to reach their goals, and I am thankful that we have dedicated organisations such as the Regional Academy of Sport to guide Wollondilly youth to reach their full potential.