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Community Recognition Statement - Picton Cars and Coffee

8th May, 2024.

Car enthusiasts rose with the sun on Sunday 14 April to congregate in the Wollondilly suburb of Picton for the monthly Cars and Coffee meet-up. Fuelled by caffeine, members of the community joined together to celebrate and connect over a shared love of vehicles. It was amazing to see all the cafes and shops bustling with activity and energy. The early morning start might seem insignificant, but it was chosen deliberately by the founders of the group to encourage healthy habits for those who might need a bit of motivation. Being able to bounce out of bed bright and early on the weekend means a sensible Saturday night, cognisant of the early start on Sunday morning. Picton Cars and Coffee was founded to offer people an opportunity to come together and form connections. In regional areas like those in Wollondilly, which are lacking in public transport, private vehicle transport is often the only way to get around. Events such as this are a chance for people to take their interest out of their garage and connect with others over car culture, strengthening communities and providing a boost to local business.