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Community Recognition - A Fond Farewell to "Mr K" After 50 Years of Service

11th October 2023.

Today, we celebrate Michael Kicielinski, affectionately known as "Mr K," who has retired after an astonishing 50 years in teaching, 42 of which were spent at Picton High School. Specialising in industrial arts and technology, Mr K has guided multiple generations of students, imparting invaluable skills and lessons they could take home and into their lives. He maintained a positive rapport with students, especially those in the later stages of their education. His hope? To help them find a vocation that would not only employ them but also ignite their passion. He’s had a lasting impact on his students, thanks to his skill, patience, and the ability to make something out of nothing. Mr K describes his last day as both celebratory and bittersweet. "I look forward to not doing much for a while," he said, but his years of service were made enjoyable through humour and the joy he found in his work. He also took a moment to thank his co-workers and staff at Picton High School for their constant support over the years. May his retirement be as enriching as the lives he’s touched.