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Community Group Signup

As an Independent Member of Parliament I am not influenced by a Political Parties and I am able to vote for whatever is best for our electorate. To help inform me of the wide range of issues that arise in Parliament I am inviting you to join my Community Network.

I have ten groups that I would like to fill with a diversity of residents from all over the electorate, and a variety of experience, gender, age and location. Membership is not meant to be an echo chamber of my supporters, rather I am seeking a diversity of opinions of residents who should be valued in each area. The meetings are to be managed by my staff and they will ensure the diversity of opinions are heard respectfully and matters are worked on towards providing a voice to the resident’s needs.

The outcomes for the groups will vary depending on each individual area. Areas may be moved into each Group and altered fluidly as issues arise that cross over each. The outcomes that the groups will work towards are including but not limited to Minister Representations, Information Sharing, Policy Framework, Legislation Review and Inter Governmental Engagement. The groups are intended to have scopes that cover the majority of Government Departments and service provision that is supplied NSW Government funding. There are a number of areas that are not covered including justice and more sensitive matters. These are worked on directly by the office due to their nature.

Group advertisement will be open from May 2023 and close at the end of June 2023. First meetings should be held in person in July and membership review should take place annually in March by invitation to the members.

Education Group

  • Childcare Centres
  • Family Day Care
  • Before and Afterschool Care
  • Early Learning
  • Tertiary Education
  • TAFE
  • Agencies and Charities providing training and employment opportunities

Environment and Sustainability Group - environment

  • Climate Change
  • Water
  • Biosecurity and Biodiversity
  • Waste
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Native Animals
  • Domestic Animals

Heritage, Tourism and the Arts Group - social

  • Arts
  • Heritage
  • Music and Events
  • Historical Societies
  • Art and Writing Societies
  • Eco-Tourism

Diversity and Inclusion Group - social

  • Aboriginal Communities
  • Multicultural Communities
  • Disability
  • Young People
  • Seniors
  • Carers

Small Business, Jobs, Rural and Farming Group - Employment

  • Industry
  • Small Business
  • Jobs
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Industrial Relations
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Tourism
  • Eco-Tourism

Planning and Growth Group - Planning

  • Badgerys Creek Airport
  • Department of Planning
  • Rezoning
  • Growth Precincts

Roads & Public Transport Group -Transport

  • Rail
  • Bus
  • Cycleways 
  • Village Connectivity
  • Local Road Funding
  • State Infrastructure
  • Picton Bypass

Emergency Services and Recovery Group - Emergency Services 

  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Rural and Town Fire and State Emergency Services
  • First Responders including Care Services
  • Community Resilience

Health - Health

  • Bowral Hospital Upgrade
  • Allied Health
  • Hospitals
  • Private Practice Integration
  • Outpatient Care
  • Mental Health
  • Doctors
  • Early Intervention
  • Support Groups

Sports, Recreation and Community Spaces - Community Spaces

  • Community Gardens
  • Parks
  • Religious Spaces
  • ANZAC Memorialsp
  • Libraries
  • Neighbourhood Centres
  • Sporting Codes
  • Junior Clubs
  • Golf Courses