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"Wollondilly and the Highlands needs a representative who is proud, passionate and dedicated solely to our community and not one answerable to the whims of a political party."

We get things done!

Political parties and their candidates promote the narrative that independents get nothing done, when in fact the opposite is true. This misconception is repeated into a mantra in the hopes of drowning out the positive progress generated by independents. 

As an independent, I am not be tied to a party policies. I am there only for the benefit of The Wollondilly Electorate and its constituents 

One of my early inspirations is considered to be the father of independents: Ted Mack.

Ted was a long time councillor and Mayor for North Sydney.  In 1981 Ted was elected as an Independent for the State electorate of North Shore and remained in office until 1988. In 1990 Ted ran for the Federal seat of North Sydney which he won and stayed there until 1996 when he retired he was succeeded by Joe Hockey. Along with a number of other independents Ted helped to usher in the NSW ICAC.

It is another former Independent, the Hon. Cathy McGowan who I have spoken to recently and discussed how to communicate with our community better and to pursue action to deliver what they need. 

Most recently I met with retired Independent MP John Hatton AO, who held the NSW electorate of South Coast for 22 years, until he chose to retire. It is little wonder that John is an Australian Living Treasure as nominated by the National Trust of Australia. I am proud to call John Hatton AO, a friend and a mentor. 

Promote Real Infrastructure

"At no cost to government" is the repetitive reply to all requests for vital infrastructure for the current and future needs of the residents of Wollondilly and the Southern Highlands. It is not good enough. Roads, hospitals, schools and public transport!

For the past 20 years the Picton bypass has been planned and re planned but there is no sign it will ever be delivered. No town should have to rely on a one lane bridge and a tunnel to get from one side to the other.

The government (of both persuasions) at every election cycle do an expensive study on the Bypass but what do we have to show for the money spent and the promises…..nothing.

This is because of the erroneous policy of development being at no cost to government.

Rather than a government using our taxes to provide public infrastructure to support current residents and promote economic growth we see promises of infrastructure being funded by developer contribution at the lowest possible cost they can get away with.

That is no way to run a city, a state or a country for that matter

As a rule I am not opposed to development, but I am deeply alarmed that we have lost the capacity to take a balanced common sense view to deliver what is in the public interest!

As your representative I will advocate for development that is in our interests; like integrated public transport, additional schools, police stations and hospitals or health services. These are things we lack right now, so I will pursue them right now and I will not tolerate being leveraged with over development to achieve overdue infrastructure such as the Picton Bypass.

As your elected Member, I am working for you. I am here to represent the current residents of Wollondilly and The Highlands as we deserve better.