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Election 2023 - Fast track the construction of the Picton Bypass

Victoria Bridge on Prince Street, Picton is a one-lane, height (2.4 metre) and weight restricted bridge. It was built in 1880 and is protected by the National Trust.

As our population continues growing, the government is putting at risk all lives in these neighborhoods should  ever the need arise again for rapid evacuation from devastating bushfires as happened during the summer of 2019.

Chaos on the bridge was witnessed on 2/3/22 when Picton Main Street was closed due to flooding. We also had the same safety disaster during the 2019 bushfires when Emergency vehicles directed over the bridge by Google Maps, had to turn around and go back onto the freeway to the Bargo exit to access towns west of Picton. Ambulance vehicles and fire trucks often have to turn around on Victoria Bridge to access emergencies west of the bridge. 

Victoria Bridge, Prince Street, Picton NSW

Traffic from outside the area is directed over Victoria Bridge, Prince Street, Picton by Google Maps when visiting the Wollondilly. Every truck, work vehicle, caravan, horse float and emergency vehicle that comes from outside the Wollondilly LGA is taken over Victoria Bridge by Google maps.

Google maps is funnelling vehicles from outside the area causing traffic congestion and mayhem. Many of these vehicles are over 2.4 metres high and either get stuck on the bridge or have to turn around.

Traffic heading through Picton via Argyle Street

It is very clear that the construction of a Picton Bypass is the only long term solution for managing traffic access and congestion within Picton.