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Celebrating Cody Hasler: A Rising Star in Sprinting

17 October 2023. 

I recognise the exceptional talent of Cody Hasler, a year 11 student from Picton High School, who has made an indelible mark on the field of athletics. Cody is a back-to-back double champion in sprinting at the NSW All School Championships, winning the 100-metre and 200-metre races the past two years. His performance at Sydney Olympic Park was remarkable, clocking a personal best of 21.50 seconds in the 200m sprint. Cody's journey is one of dedication and sacrifice. Only two years ago, Cody decided to take running seriously, and his commitment has been unwavering ever since. Coached by Project Elite Track Squad’s Rob Marks, Cody's routine includes rigorous training three days on the track and two or three gym days a week. His meticulous approach extends to fueling, consistent training, and appropriate rest and recovery, proving that champions are not just born but made. Cody's aspirations reach beyond the track, he aims to represent Australia and is concurrently pursuing Cert III and IV to further his studies in sports coaching. Well done Cody, not just for your athletic prowess but also for your commitment to excellence in every facet in life.