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Community Gathers in Colourful Tribute to Joshua Pike

22nd November, 2023. 

The untimely loss of Joshua Pike, a 13-year-old Appin resident known for his zest for life, has deeply impacted the community. Often described as a "beautiful kid," Joshua was a radiant spirit whose last heroic act was the donation of his organs, offering others the gift of life. As the community grapples with this tragic loss, local business DNA Party has taken the initiative to sell pink and purple balloons, which were Joshua's favourite colours. Profits from these sales will be used to support Joshua's family in this challenging period. In a collective act of remembrance and support, residents are encouraged to display the colourful balloons outside their homes. This act aims to line the streets with vibrant hues, symbolising both the joy that Joshua brought into the world and the unity of a community in mourning. By participating in this simple yet meaningful tribute, the community finds a way to keep Joshua's lively spirit alive, while showing that even in times of immense sorrow, there's room for love, unity, and the celebration of a life well-lived.