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Community Recognition - Greg Smith

8th February, 2024.

Greg Smith is playing his part in ensuring the continuity of knowledge of indigenous plants and culture through his nursery and education program, Yama 2 You Bush Tucker Nursery, located in Hill Top. More than just growing plants, Greg is growing knowledge through the engaging and fun sessions that he runs with local schools, day cares, preschools and community centres in the Wollondilly area. From Warragamba to Buxton, Picton to Mittagong and beyond, Greg—along with his younger offsider, RJ—has passed on his skills by teaching over 3,000 children about Indigenous tools like spears and boomerangs, introducing native bush tucker, planting over 500 plants, performing smoking ceremonies, holding cooking classes with native ingredients and painting thousands of children's faces with ochre. Greg's work makes that knowledge accessible and mainstream, and it is helping to arm the next generation with empathy and passion for the Indigenous culture that makes Australia so unique. More than just giving a chance to learn, Greg brings the opportunity for youth to connect with our country and our ancestors. Each boomerang and spear thrown, each native seedling planted and each face painted with ochre is a chance for greater understanding.