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Community Recognition - Library's Summer Reading Club

8th February, 2024.

The Wingecarribee Public Libraries, supported by Friends of Wingecarribee Libraries are hosting the Summer Reading Club for children aged 5 to 16 years old, as part of their ongoing work to promote literacy among children. The event endeavours to encourage reading, and fostering a positive relationship with books from an early age. The library staff are instrumental in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for young readers. The Summer Reading Club exemplifies the library's commitment to literacy promotion and community engagement. I'd like to acknowledge the staff in their ongoing efforts in facilitating educational and enriching experiences for children and families, providing opportunities for kids to engage with libraries, throughout the year with their Lego, craft and story reading sessions. Always welcoming and helpful, the library staff make our libraries such a great asset. The Summer Reading Club is just another example of the great work that our Public Libraries do, and I thank you for all your hard work. The Wingecarribee Libraries' Summer Reading Club is a great example of the significant impact of our libraries in nurturing a culture of reading and lifelong learning within the community, starting in childhood.