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Community Recognition - Oxley College's 40 Year Celebration

8th February, 2024.

2023 marked the 40th year anniversary for the well-respected Oxley College school in the Southern Highlands. Driven by excellence in education and fostering the broad interests necessary to help well rounded students to thrive, Oxley deserves its reputation as a welcoming and dynamic learning community. The speech night held on 7th December 2023 was led by Mr Scott Bedingfield, Head of College, and was a joy to attend. The musicians and choral performances were an equally moving and impressive display of youthful talent. In attendance on the night was outgoing Chairman of the Board of Governors Dr Stephen Barnett, and newly elected Chair of the Board of Governors Mrs Jane Crawley. The leadership and academic achievements of the students are something to celebrate and I extend my congratulations to all current students as well as the school leavers of 2023. I wish them the best as they face their futures armed with a foundation of empathy, academic rigour and community spirit that their time at Oxley has provided.