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Community Recognition - Robert Oatley Wine Dinner

12th September 2023.

Robert Oatley Wine Dinner.

I'd like to acknowledge the upcoming Robert Oatley Wine Dinner at the Tahmoor Inn on 10th August. This event represents the dedication of the Tahmoor Inn to bring unique and enjoyable experiences to the local community. Darren Jahn, a wine educator with firsthand experience from the Robert Oatley Wine since its inception, will guide attendees through the Signature Series of wines, coupled with fascinating stories of the winery's growth. I also want to recognise Tahmoor Inn's General Manager, Sarah Hanania, and Executive Chef, Thuong Dang, who have brought their significant experience in hospitality to provide an exceptional level of service. Thuong, with over 20 years in the food industry, has notably elevated the food quality at the Inn, evident from successful past events like the Mother's Day lunch and Christmas in July festivities. By hosting these community events, the Tahmoor Inn is not only offering entertainment but also contributing to the community's social fabric. Their effort to host such unique and enriching events is commendable. This upcoming event is a perfect example of local businesses contributing positively to our community, and I encourage everyone to support such initiatives.