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Community Recognition - Sam Timbs Shines at Sydney Opera House

21st September 2023.

Sam Timbs Shines at Sydney Opera House.

I rise today to celebrate the outstanding achievements of Picton High School student, Sam Timbs, who recently showcased his musical talents at the Sydney Opera House. Sam, a multi-talented musician who plays both clarinet and baritone saxophone, was part of the esteemed Festival of Choral Music 2023. His love for the clarinet began in year 4 and has since flourished, earning him an invitation to the festival in his second year with the Sydney Symphonic Winds band, where he serves as a section leader. Brandon Madern, head teacher of creative and performing arts at Picton High School, commended Sam's dedication, stating, "Sam's talent and hard work have truly shone, and it's fantastic that he's representing us on such a prominent stage." Sam's achievements make not only his school but our entire community proud. As his music teacher, Madern expressed immense pride in Sam's accomplishments and affirmed that he is a valued member of the Picton High School Concert Band. Through his musical prowess, Sam sets a high bar for aspiring young musicians in our community.