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Community Recognition - SayNo2DV International Women's Day Event

19 March, 2024.

The International Women's Day Pamper Event held by the SayNo2DV Camden Wollondilly Domestic Violence Committee was an uplifting morning, raising vital awareness about the domestic violence services available within the Wollondilly area. The event had over 300 attendees and prioritised women's wellbeing and self care, creating a supportive environment for those present to connect, share experiences and reflect on the resources available in Wollondilly for women. While there is still a long way to go in addressing the appalling statistics around domestic and family violence, the persistence and hard work of organisations such as the SayNo2DV committee is making inroads and making a difference in the lives of those who might find themselves in a situation of violence or abuse. Working in Wollondilly and surrounds, the SayNo2DV committee collaborates closely with Camden and Wollondilly Shire Councils along with NGOs and community services, contributing to the ongoing efforts to combat domestic violence and provide support to survivors. I commend and thank the SayNo2DV committee as they continue to spearhead initiatives aimed at creating safer environments and a secure future for individuals impacted by domestic violence.