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Community Recognition - Southern Highlands Gravity Bike Trail Workshops

6th February, 2024.

Mountain bikers of Southern Highlands have shown their sense of community spirit when they came together over summer to work on Stage 1 of a new downhill gravity trail. Incorporated into the existing bike trail network at Welby and first of its kind in the region. Located on Council land and is the beginning of a larger range of trails that will be suited to this specific riding style, involving steep and challenging drops - not for the faint hearted or unskilled rider. The majority of the work was completed by the young volunteers at the workshop days. Their enthusiasm and willingness to dedicate their free time is something we should all be proud of. This represents the conclusion to months of community debate about the privately constructed trails in the nature reserve of Mt Gibraltar. Built by volunteers with contributions from local businesses, the new trails are part of a wider plan to offer more mountain bike trails in a range of designs to suit different riding. The example set by those attending the workshops show what can be achieved when strong leadership responds to the needs of the community.