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Community Recognition Statement - The Oaks Probus Club

21st November, 2023. 

The Oaks Probus Club has emerged as a beacon of companionship and active living for the retired and semiretired individuals of our community. Through a blend of social engagements, enriching discussions and thoughtful outings, the club crafts a nurturing environment for its members to thrive in their post‑retirement phase. By regularly hosting guest speakers, the club ensures a continual flow of fresh perspectives and vital information, enhancing the lives of its members. The positive ripple effect of the club's endeavours does not stop within its walls but extends throughout the community, cultivating a culture of mutual respect, empathy and lifelong learning. The club's commitment to fostering a lively, inclusive and supportive community is truly commendable. This recognition statement is a modest attempt to honour the relentless efforts and significant impact of The Oaks Probus Club. Through its laudable initiatives, the club not only enriches the lives of our elderly residents but also sets a sterling example of community service.