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Community Recognition Statement - Sheri Irwin

28th November, 2023

Sheri Irwin has celebrated 30 years of steadfast service at Wollondilly Community Leisure Centre. Starting as a lifeguard, Sheri has remained committed to her role, recently embracing the opportunity to train as a swim teacher. Thomas Johnson, aquatic operations coordinator, lauds Sheri's dedication, saying, "Sheri's reliability and work ethic are unparalleled. She's always on time, listens carefully and consistently completes her tasks." Dale Rutledge, community engagement coordinator, is enthusiastic about Sheri's new training, saying, "Sheri recently finished her learn-to-swim course and will soon start teaching. Her ability to adapt and grow has always been impressive." Reflecting on her tenure, Sheri says, "Over these 30 years, I've built lasting friendships and enjoyed being a part of this incredible team. Coming to work every day brings a smile to my face." Sheri's story shines as a beacon of unwavering dedication and adaptability. Her ongoing impact at the centre not only enhances the facility but also enriches the lives of colleagues and community members.