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Community Recognition Statement - Think of the Five, Arrive ALIVE

19 October 2023.

I highlight Wollondilly's community efforts to promote road safety through its Think of the Five, Arrive ALIVE campaign, founded by John Van de Putte and Linda McCarthy. Coloured balloons have decorated Wollondilly for a week, reminding us to drive safely and honouring the five teens who were lost in a tragic crash last year. Local businesses and residents have rallied together, creating art and even donating vehicle stickers. The campaign's Facebook page has gained nearly 2,000 likes since its inception. Support has even crossed State lines, indicating the campaign's potential for national impact. Ms McCarthy sums it up best, stating the overwhelming support makes her "feel like a very proud member of the Wollondilly". This initiative raises awareness about road safety and plans to expand its scope to include professional driving courses, benefiting young drivers and the wider public alike.