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Community Recognition Statement - Tribute to Don Jones

23rd November, 2023

I reflect today on the late Don Jones, husband of my colleague Councillor Suzy Brandstater of Wollondilly Shire Council. Don's life was a journey of service, innovation, and fatherhood. More than a professional, he was a father, a mentor and a pillar of every community he touched. His career in veterinary science was marked by intellectual and innovative contributions, but it was his role as a father and dedicated community leader that truly defined him. Overcoming personal challenges, Don transformed his experiences into opportunities to uplift others. His commitment to community safety was evident through active roles in the SES and Southern Highlands Support Brigade.

Don's fatherhood extended beyond his own family. His profound support and empathy, seen especially in the guiding of his children and others through challenges like dyslexia and mental health conditions, were remarkable. His nurturing spirit also influenced lives through scouting and education. Don's ingenuity shone through when tools he designed for his heartworm research were used by a heart surgeon to save his son's life, a testament to his resourcefulness and devotion. Don's legacy is a tapestry of professional excellence, compassionate fatherhood and community service. His life story inspires and guides us, a testament to the profound difference one person can make.