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Community Recognition - Wollondilly Public Schools Performing Arts Festival

12th September 2023.

Wollondilly Public Schools Performing Arts Festival.

I rise today to commend the remarkable showcase at the Wollondilly Public Schools Performing Arts Festival, an event steeped in local tradition and this year graciously hosted by Camden High School. A medley of schools - Picton, Tahmoor, the Oaks, Wilton, Bargo, Thirlmere, Buxton, Yanderra, Mt Hunter, Douglas Park, and Camden, each came together to make the event a resounding success. I want to highlight the Picton High School Concert Band, whose musical prowess carried us through the evening without missing a beat. Equally vital was the Picton High Technical crew, ensuring a seamless progression of performances. Behind every great show is a team of dedicated individuals, and it's only fitting that we acknowledge the committee members and teachers, whose tireless work behind the scenes made this possible. I had the privilege of witnessing the event firsthand, an unforgettable spectacle of talent and community spirit. A heartfelt thank you to all involved in the festival. The dedication, talent, and unity displayed was a testament to the incredible sense of community in Wollondilly. A clear testament to our shared dedication to the arts and education.