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Community Recognition - Youth Solutions Denim and Diamonds Ball

24th August 2023.

Youth Solutions Denim and Diamonds Ball.

I had the pleasure of attending the 2023 Annual Charity Event for Youth Solutions, the Denim and Diamonds Ball. The night was filled with glitz and glamour, and it was heartwarming to see the community come together to support such a vital cause. For 35 years, Youth Solutions has been making a significant impact by focusing on drug and alcohol prevention for young people in our region. Youth Solutions delivers a range of health education programs and campaigns to reduce and prevent drug and alcohol-related harm among young people aged 12 to 25 years. Their efforts to educate, empower, support, and connect young people are inching us closer to a community of healthy, safe, and connected youth. . It truly takes a village to keep our young people healthy and safe, and I want to extend my gratitude to all the people, businesses, and organisations who are part of the Youth Solutions family, supporting their crucial work. Let us continue to rally behind Youth Solutions and their mission to create a better future for our young generation. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of our youth.