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Embracing the Pedal: The Bowral Classic 2023

23rd November, 2023. The honour of opening the Bowral Classic 2023 was mine, and what a thrilling experience it was! As the racers sped off, the spirit of community and camaraderie was palpable. The weekend of 21st and 22nd October wasn’t just about cycling but about the collective heartbeat of our region, showcased through the ‘Crit’ Criterium Race and the Gran Fondo. The competition was fierce, yet the atmosphere echoed with shared enthusiasm and camaraderie. The Event Village at Loseby Park, with its local music and flavours, became a focal point of relaxation and celebration post-race, embodying the hospitable spirit of Southern Highlands. Since 2016, the Bowral Classic has grown into a hallmark event, drawing many to our picturesque region. It’s a platform where the love for cycling converges with community spirit, enhancing regional tourism and social bonds. This event exemplifies the vibrant community spirit, proving that together, we create memorable experiences, promote active living, and celebrate the essence of Southern Highlands.