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Governor-General Inaugurates Refurbished CWA Bowral Kitchen

18 October 2023.

Governor-General David Hurley and his wife Linda visited the CWA Bowral Branch's Tulip Time café last Saturday to officially inaugurate their newly renovated kitchen. The special occasion saw the Governor-General cutting the ribbon, signaling the café's readiness to serve the community with an upgraded facility. This wasn't the Governor-General's first visit; he has enjoyed morning tea at the location before. "It was special to have him do the opening," said a CWA spokesperson. The refurbishment, funded by a government grant, took about a month to complete and includes new equipment such as a dishwasher. The spokesperson mentioned that the layout "worked well" during their popular Tulip Time event. The café experienced an especially busy period last Sunday. "Some days it was absolutely frantic for us," the spokesperson added. Though visitor numbers in the park dipped a bit recently, the café still sold out of jams and pickles by last Friday. The café also offered an array of handicrafts, including knitted items, Christmas decorations, and second-hand books. The updated kitchen and café aim to serve a cozy, community-focused hub, blending tradition with new amenities.