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Harbison's Nurse Practitioners

14 March, 2024.

Harbison Aged Care has again lived up to its logo of "heart and home" with its latest initiative. Under the direction of CEO David Cochran, Harbison's in-house Nurse Practitioners clinics allow it to better serve its residents with intermediary preventative care to alleviate pressure on the health system. Advanced nurse practitioners are able to assess the history of a patient and interpret the results of different investigations in order to make a diagnosis to plan and deliver care. They are often able to offer a complementary alternative to GP visits and hospital admissions, and can help to relieve pressures within primary care teams. Harbison was founded in 1956, and for close to 70 years has provided a high quality aged care service that is making a difference to the lives of older people in the Highlands. With two locations, they are leaders in their field, and prove what can be achieved when best practice and residents are put first. Harbison has indicated that its nurse practitioner service is expected to increase in both demand and capacity, and the residents will benefit from the accessibility to quality, individualised medical care.