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Election 2023 - This election, vote for your candidates that support nurse to paitient ratios

NSW nurses and midwives are working beyond their limits to ensure the safety of patients, however this is having a severe impact on both physical & mental wellbeing. The situation needs urgent attention in order to maintain quality care and reduce potential risks associated with understaffing.

This election, please vote for your independent candidates that support ratios.

Ratios are proven to save lives.
It’s a sensible policy. The government just won’t do it because they want to spend money on other things.

It's why every other mainland state has committed to them. But not in NSW.

Making your voice heard is one of the most critical actions we can take to shape our collective future. Exercise your right to vote, because it has far-reaching implications that directly affect all human life!

Authorised by Neil Hannan, 365 McKee Rd, Theresa Park NSW 2570