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Jamboree Event Unites Scouts in Radio and Internet Adventure

28th November, 2023. 

Scouts from the 1st Bargo group joined peers for the Jamboree on the Air  and Jamboree on the Internet at Berrima Scout Camp, participating in the world's largest digital and amateur radio scouting event. The 66th JOTA and 27th JOTI were celebrated under the banner "Together for a Better World," connecting scouts globally through airwaves and online platforms. The event blended modern and traditional scouting, featuring a "fox hunt" for radio transmitters, canoeing, and archery, emphasizing teamwork and tech-savvy explorations. The diverse range of activities aimed to entertain and educate, highlighting the scouting spirit of adventure and learning. Scouts discussed varied topics from badges to culture, reflecting the shared values and unique aspects of the global scouting community. The event also celebrated personal growth and the completion of leadership training within the Scouting movement. This year's JOTA and JOTI underscored the importance of learning through action, fostering new hobbies, and creating lifelong global connections. It was a showcase of unity, friendship, and the endless possibilities within the world of scouting.