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Media Release - Mapgate - Is High Rise Housing Coming to Wollondilly?

In response to recent posts online and calls in Media by Wollondilly Councillors, Independent Member for Wollondilly has called out the creation of maps and presentation of data for the purpose of fear mongering and electioneering.

“Posting info regarding any important matter shouldn’t involve fear mongering and the maps shared overnight are not from any government site regarding the proposed changes.”

“Poor information and scrappy mapping has led to this fear mongering. Obviously Local Government Elections lead to a silly season but I urge officials to act more maturely online.”

“The report and the maps published online are not what is intended for the original 6 cities plan. The land for the tracks south of Macarthur is owned by ARTC and the developments surrounding this regional rail line will not be in keeping for what is in Wollondilly.”

“Today I have launched a petition and information page on my website which also has links to the submission. I will present the signatures to the petition to the Parliament and will be seeking clarification. From what I have read through all of the extensive reporting, good and reliable public transport is necessary for these automatic changes and unfortunately the public transport today in Wollondilly is woeful”

“I encourage everyone to read through the politics and make sure you make submissions to the process and sign my petition online”

Petition can be signed here: