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Election 2023 - My first speech as the Independent Candidate

This Election is the most significant in Wollondilly's history. We are facing many challenges and at this point can either enrich the  character and lifestyle we all value or lose everything that makes us what we are. This could be the last opportunity to put a stamp on what we want for our future, our place, our home.

Political parties spend a great deal of time caucusing, making deals and manipulating power bases in backrooms instead of making decisions to help us, the people of Wollondilly. As your Member of Parliament, every decision I would make, would be solely for the benefit of Wollondilly.

Limited transport options, long peak hours on the roads, no plans for electrification of rail shows that you are not the Governments first priority. Lack of health resources, such as Paediatric Intensive Care Units or Community Hospices, shows your whole of life well-being is not being addressed.

Those schools we rely on are being jam packed, and we have limited tertiary educational opportunities. Universities will not put satellite campuses here, because there is a lack of public transport.

Solving these educational issues and bringing a more diverse range of employment to Wollondilly must be at the heart of your political leadership

The pressure for development as supported by the Government has left us breathless, it is like a tidal wave heading straight at us. With Wilton there will possibly be a city of 60,000 people and with the announcement of the Greater Macarthur Growth Area an EXTRA 40,000 houses between Campbelltown and Appin.

The Wollondilly Electorate is not a Developers investment portfolio.

The recent announcements of the raising of the dam wall at Warragamba and the Outer Sydney Orbital Corridor provides the opportunity for many thousands of additional houses. This will  rob us of our identity, character and our unique lifestyle. Nobody or no Government should be able to take that away from us.

Its voting season, and while we will see many promises from the Parties, the question remains, why haven't they delivered. We have huge potential, with agribusiness, tourism and our location on the peri-urban fringe of the city.  We just require the political will to  enable advancement in the direction we want.

I am excited to work together to build on this and to ensure we get the required investment and infrastructure to meet our full  potential. My priority is the Wollondilly Electorate, no matter which party is in power. I am local, effective and independent.