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Pedals of Hope: Celebrating Harbison's Resilient Hearts

23rd November, 2023. 

Today, we honour the undying spirit of the Harbison Aged Care residents in my electorate. Embracing the Motiview program, they ventured into the global arena through the Road Worlds for Seniors competition. Their resolve is a testament to the indomitable spirit that thrives within Harbison. Amidst regional lockdowns, our residents pedalled their way into distant landscapes, courtesy of Motiview's video library. Each kilometre cycled was not just a stride in physical activity but a voyage of camaraderie, reminiscence, and shared stories. It’s more than physical vigour; it's about community, collective joy, and the memories created. Their endeavour placed Harbison on the global map, receiving commendations from significant figures, a moment of pride for us all. This accomplishment is not just theirs, but a reflection of the supportive ambiance that we nurture here at Harbison. Harbison’s residents have sewn a tapestry of inspiration for us all. They remind us of the boundless opportunities awaiting at every juncture of life, urging us to seize them with open hearts. Let’s extend our deepest admiration for our Harbison heroes, whose pedals of hope spun tales of resilience, camaraderie, and a community bound together with love and shared aspirations.