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Picton High Students Featured in Fishers Ghost Festival

23rd November, 2023. 

Hats off to our amazing Picton High School students for being featured in the iconic Fishers Ghost Festival! This annual event brings together artists of all ages, and we're thrilled that our students' work is on display. In Year 7, congrats goes to Deborah Bryson, Xavier Dooley-Smith, David Cula, Harlow Greening, Alisa Shlykova, Lola Tyrell, Alice Woods, Jay-Ella Gibbs, Yu'rana Carr, Lawson Abbott, Judd Allerton, and Cody Livingstone for sharing their artistic talents. In Year 10 well done to Abbie Rogers, Jaime Newton, Mattea Forbes, Mia Clayton, Bonnie Basdekis, Jackson Blatch-May, and Holly Pentecost for showcasing their art. Last but not least, a special shoutout to Felisha Wiid from Year 12 for her representation at this prestigious event. This milestone couldn't have been reached without hard work, and it speaks volumes about our school's commitment to fostering artistic ability. Once again, congratulations to all the students for making Picton High School proud at the Fishers Ghost Festival!