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Community Recognition - Quilting for Charity in Thirlmere: A Heartwarming Success

11th October 2023.

I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the recent charity quilting day hosted by the Blankets of Love project at St Stephen's Church in Thirlmere. Volunteers of all skill levels came together to create quilts for some of our community’s most vulnerable members—from young people in foster care to domestic violence survivors. Sharon Andrew, a steadfast volunteer, donated both her time and her long-arm sewing machine to the cause. Whether you sewed, ironed, or operated a machine, there was a place for everyone to contribute their skills. These quilts serve a dual purpose: providing physical warmth and also letting the recipients know that there are people who care deeply for their well-being. The project, which originated in 2010 and is sponsored by Wollondilly Anglican Church, has now crafted over 106 quilts just this year, thanks to the dedication of around 20 regular volunteers. It's not just about the fabric and the thread, but about the community coming together to lend a hand and make a meaningful difference. Let’s continue to celebrate and support such wonderful initiatives that truly make our community a better place to live.