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Recognising the Integrity and Commitment of Senior Constable Bradley Neate

13 March, 2024.

Driving over the 63m high Picton Road Bridge at Maldon on January 20, Wilton resident Colin Tyson noticed a distressed young woman on the bridge. He realised that the woman was at risk of self-harm but was unsure how to proceed. Fortunately, another motorist noticed the situation and pulled over. Within two minutes of talking to the young woman, this passerby was able to escort the woman safely off the bridge and home. This passerby turned out to be off-duty Senior Constable Bradley Neate of Police Transport Command Bankstown Police Station. Senior Constable Neate swiftly and calmly intervened, despite the potential danger to himself. Later that same day upon learning that the young woman was back at the bridge, Constable Neate, still off-duty, called for backup and immediately returned to the bridge once again to assist. His quick assessment and decisive interventions undoubtedly saved a life that day. Constable Neate's exemplary dedication, both on and off duty, reflects his personal integrity and deep commitment to public service. His actions are a great credit to himself, his family and to the NSW Police Force as a whole.