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Speech - Eggs and Soldiers Breakfast for Angels In Our Town

17th August 2023.

Eggs and Soldiers Breakfast Opening for Angels In Our Town.

I am honoured to stand and open the breakfast here, surrounded by so many that give so much for Wollondilly and the Southern Highlands.

Angels in Our Town highlights first responders, the people that are our neighbours who are first on the scene and unfortunately these past few years these people we need to call on time and time again.

Through my own journey as being a Councillor, Mayor and now State Member too often I have seen the agencies and emergency services called upon. Whether it be fires, flooding, winds and the pandemic. These people that work in their industries choose in times of crisis to step up and help.

Connected to these workers are countless volunteers and charity organisations that are supportive of their efforts both prior and after the crisis. The reality is for outer metropolitan areas that the community is what binds the area together and our shared responsibility is what ensures the survival of the region through disaster.

I know the previous walks through the main street have been very popular and it's so exciting to see these expand. Thank you for all the organising that has gone into today from the organisers, it's fitting to call out just two people if I can to highlight what they have done.

Antoinette Sampson and Julie Haseler who have only lived in the Highlands for a relatively short time put their minds together to start Angels in Our Town. Bringing the community together is something I am very passionate about, it's what motivates me as a politician to bring contrasting voices together to achieve wonderful and great things. And today, is a wonderful display of that community spirit and togetherness.

So on behalf of Wollondilly and the Southern Highlands thank you to the Angles in Our Town charity, I look forward to this year's major event and enjoy the eggs and soldiers!