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Speech - Warragamba Public School 75th Reunion

16th September 2023.

Warragamba Public School 75th Reunion.

As most of you will already know, when Warragamba Dam was originally planned, the township was only a temporary construction space with barracks for single men and houses for families. And with families came the need for facilities like a school, a preschool, a medical centre and even shops - still only temporary.

People from 37 different nations came to Warragamba to build this Dam, along with many, many Aussies. They worked together, lived together, learned together and created a unique and thriving community.

In 1960 when the Dam was completed the MWS&DB (Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board) prepared to sell off the entire community and to have everyone leave.

The funny thing was no-one wanted to go - no-one would go.

Warragamba became a real living entity - a town where everyone looked out for each other and could depend on each other - and in many ways still do.

Living in Theresa Park, I have been coming to Warragamba for more than 25 years for functions, for events and just to see friends.

I've watched the town change and adapt over the years. I was here when it was surrounded by fire in 2001 and when fires again threatened in 2019/20. The school family worked with the whole of the community to make sure everyone was up to date and well informed on a minute to minute basis.

This school has always had wonderful teachers and educators who open the doors for exciting futures to all those who attend. Those who go out into the world and create exciting new lives and then often come back home to Warragamba to raise their own families. In some cases, 4 generations.

As the Warragamba Silverdale community grows, this school will become an even more important asset to this community and provide a safe and exciting place to grow and learn.

Thank you so much for inviting me to share this day with you.