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Unwavering Commitment of NSW RFS Southern Highlands

28th November, 2023. 

The NSW RFS Southern Highlands showcases remarkable dedication, particularly evident during the Mittagong RFS Bushfire Simulation Training Day. Their selfless volunteerism, rigorous training, and multi-agency collaborations underline the readiness for potential bushfire threats. This simulation, amid other proactive measures, reinforces emergency response strategies, displaying the diverse skills required to manage significant incidents. The Wollondilly Electorate can find solace knowing such committed frontline services stand ready to respond. Their meticulous preparations reflect a deep-seated commitment to community safety. Heartfelt appreciation extends to the entire team—your efforts significantly bolster our region's resilience against bushfires. The harmonious multi-agency coordination resonates a strong message of readiness, enhancing our community's safety framework. The tireless endeavours of James Morris, Brendan Bernie, Daniel Osborne, and Dylan Whitelaw are commendable, each playing a crucial role in nurturing a culture of preparedness and continuous enhancement among the emergency services personnel. The NSW RFS Southern Highlands, through its actions, exemplifies a high standard of community service, meriting the deep gratitude and trust of the people it earnestly serves.