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Election 2023 - We will believe it when we see it

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The community are rightfully angry after yet another last ditch effort announcement from the NSW government, promising money for Bowral Hospital. It’s because our community knows that these are just empty promises. 

Wollondilly has been waiting years for funding for our hospitals to ensure that our loved ones can access the care that they need locally - but this government has consistently ignored the community. 

The Liberals have taken Wollondilly for granted for too long and now that they know they might lose, they’re desperately pork-barrelling at the eleventh hour. But our community doesn’t buy it.  

You can watch the announcement here 

Of course our community is sceptical that the government has any real intentions of delivering for our community, because it joins the slew of empty promises that this government has made repeatedly in the past. 

Even last week, the NSW government made another announcement to fund the Picton bypass - a promise that has been made countless times before, yet the community is still waiting on. 

We deserve better. That’s why on election day, we need to Vote 1 independent Judy Hannan, because Wollondilly deserves someone who is in touch with our community and is willing to take action on the local issues that matter most. With an independent voice for Wollondilly on the cross bench, we have the power to go far beyond promises and actually deliver for our community. 

P.S. Judy has been speaking with the media to spotlight some of the most important issues for our community. 

Judy spoke with ABC Illawarra earlier this week to spotlight all the important issues that she’s campaigning for and why having an independent voice for Wollondilly makes us more powerful to deliver real action than ever before. Listen in here. 

Judy joined A Current Affair to shine a light on the impacts of mining company South 32, their new project in Menangle seriously impacting the wellbeing of locals who can no longer drink their own water due to the pollution. It’s discussed how other than Judy, the locals have had no support to oppose the development. Watch here. 

Judy also sat down with the Southern Highlands News to discuss local issues, specifically shining a light on the new announcement from the incumbent Nathaniel Smith and the NSW Government on the Picton bypass, calling them out on their long track record of broken promises on the project. Read more here.

Channel 7 Sydney also covered the Picton bypass, highlighting the continued broken promises from the Liberal government, and platforming Judy as someone who has always advocated for the Picton bypass and called out the lack of action. 

Authorised by Neil Hannan, 365 McKee Rd, Theresa Park NSW 2570