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Community Recognition - Wollondilly Heritage Centre's "Voices from the Kitchen"

12th October 2023.

I'd like to take a moment to reflect on a recent event that brilliantly merged community and history. The Wollondilly Heritage Centre successfully hosted an afternoon tea called "Voices from the Kitchen," in commemoration of History Week. Attendees came with homemade delicacies from their family archives, sharing not just food but also stories that spanned generations. Organised by Sue Davis, a respected archivist and secretary of The Oaks Historical Society, the event served as a reminder of the kitchen's multifaceted role in our lives— from culinary arts to home remedies and social interactions. This gathering was not merely about nostalgia; it was an active endeavour to preserve our community's rich cultural fabric. Ms. Davis has expressed interest in compiling these historical recipes and stories into a book, a potential treasure for locals and future generations alike. Entry was free for those who brought recipes, encouraging broad community participation. I commend all involved for creating such an enriching experience.