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Election 2023 - Judy's Newsletter #2

Friday 20th January 2023.

Dear all,

I wanted to thank you for being a part of my upcoming state election campaign. 

The election date is March 25th

Well, it has certainly been a busy week and I imagine it will just continue to get busier.
We’ve sent emails to people who have helped our team before.

Some have moved, some have sadly passed away but many of you have responded - a huge thank you.

If anybody hasn’t responded, we’d love you to jump onto and let us know how you are, if you are able to help, or even if you want to continue getting the newsletters to see what I’ve been up to.

Some of my activities since the last newsletter were:

• Attending Summerfest at Tahmoor and enjoyed meeting some families on the long queue for face painting.

• Engaging with residents concerned with the never-ending roadworks in Silverdale and others who would like and need road works near them.

• Fantastic community BBQ in Picton, where transport and the Picton Bypass were raised as issues. We also discussed the Thirlmere Lakes and possible extensions by changing the adjoining crown land to National Park.

• Supporting a small business having issues with a development application.

• Helping out some residents with neighbourhood issues.

• Going to Bowral Show, where I particularly loved watching the pet show.

• Participating in my first kitchen table chat at Wilton.

• Meeting some young first-time voters who expressed the difficulties and expenses they have getting to work or going out to socialise.

• Saturday 21 January at Warragamba, Dam Break Café. Informative discussions were held with locals from Silverdale and Warragamba, most were unhappy with the quality of roads.
With increasing development residents are feeling they will trapped in the event of a bushfire as the current road network cannot carry the increased amount of cars coupled with the lack of public transport.

• Sunday 22 January at Lake Alexandra in Mittagong. Despite the very wet & cold conditions we had a good attendance. Again the urban sprawl and the lack of infrastructure was the topic of the day and the effect of this on the roads between Mittagong and Bowral. Residents stated there needs to be access to the Hume Highway north & south of Bowral. Other topics discussed were the increase in homelessness and the “cashless gaming card”.

I’ve picked up more T-shirts and will continue to deliver them to people who’ve requested them. Perhaps send me a photo of you wearing the shirt for social media or post photos yourself wearing them

I cannot win this campaign without your support.

I am asking you to donate to my campaign. It's a fact of campaigning. Money buys advertising and this educates the electorate about who is running. Please donate whatever you feel comfortable with here.

I'd be honoured if you would register as a Volunteer and join me on this incredible journey. 

Thank you for your support!

Kindest regards,

Judy Hannan


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