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Every dollar you give goes directly toward the costs of running the campaign: from sourcing much-needed election materials, to reaching the community.

As a real independent I pay for my own campaign and have to compete with the parties. Every bit of help from family, friends and members of the community – like you – can contribute, no matter how small even $5 or $50.

Did you know the Major Parties get over 6 million dollars in public funds to pay for their elections and run their candidates? 

Please note that certain groups are prohibited from donating, and the maximum any donor can donate in a single financial year is capped at $3,300. You can find the full details on the NSW Electoral Commission website.  

All donations to this campaign comply with the NSW Electoral Commission's rules for political donations.

Every dollar counts, just like every vote matters.

Your generous donation will help our independent campaign in various ways including :

$50 - share the vision of the changes the community wants on a postcard or newsletter.

$100 - help us put on a fun social event in the next few months.

$200 - put 10 volunteers in Volunteer Pack T-Shirts and Badges, showing local community appetite for change.

$1,000 - help us with social media advertising about roads and transport climate, integrity and other vital issues that the community wants!

$3,300 - help us set up an office where we can gather, plan and make direct change on public policy in NSW, for our local community - transport, environment and much more.