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Community Recognition - Tahmoor Lions Club Custom Candle Sensations

8th May, 2024.

It is a scent that is ubiquitous to the Australian cultural phenomenon of the fundraiser sausage sizzle. The smoky tangy goodness wafting on the breeze promising a juicy sausage snack is instantly recognisable, and thanks to the Tahmoor Lions Club you can now take that scent home with you in the form of a candle. A treat for your olfactory system, and not for your waistline, creative innovator Alex Hawkins has crafted three fundraiser candles for the Lion's Club Tahmoor - the standout of which, for me, is the aptly named "Let's Ketchup for a Saucy Sausage Sanga". In an ode to the Lions Christmas Cake, the 'Evergreen Christmas Fruit Cake' candle makes it smell like Christmas everyday, and a traditional floral option is offered in the 'Australian Bush Lions' candle.

This fun and lighthearted fundraiser underscores the serious and important role that the Lions Club volunteers play in their efforts to support those in need in the community. The work of the Lions club touches the lives of many, and I am admirable of the tireless efforts of those who volunteer their time and skills to help others.