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Community Recognition - Think of the Five Arrive Alive Winners At Camden Show

6th June, 2024.

The death of five Wollondilly teenagers in 2022 due to dangerous driving hit our community hard. From the sadness and shock of the event, came the driver safety campaign 'Think of the Five Arrive Alive', which aims to create a generational shift in attitudes towards driving violence. Motivated by their loss, the Think of the Five Arrive Alive organisation has worked tirelessly to create awareness of what driving violence is: speeding, driving to cause harm or discomfort, arguing by or with the driver of the car, anger or rage, driving under the influence, reckless driving and distractions. Their campaigning efforts were recognised at the Camden Show in April 2024 where they were awarded the President's Award for Educational Display - a great achievement for their first time exhibiting at the Show. Run on the day by volunteers including Linda McCarthy, a co-founder and director, the message was communicated to thousands of show-goers who showed their interest and support of the campaign. I offer my thanks to the members of the organisation who have put aside their own grief and suffering to make a difference in the lives of others.