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I am Running to Win

I have been a Councillor for Wollondilly for 14 years and I have spent the last 3 years as Mayor. In that time I have watched the State Government re-write its own rule book, robbing local councils of any real input in local planning.

They have taken away your voice.

Threats of amalgamations were followed by the creation of many layers to control planning in our local area, even taking away the ability for your councillors to represent your views on development applications. This power grab was moved by the State Government with the Liberal and Labor parties working together to introduce Independent Hearing Panels (iHaps).

A prime example of this is the effect of a new housing code on the development in Wilton, which removes much of Council's control over housing density. The power now is in the hands of The Department of Planning who is instructed by the Minister and under pressure from Developers.

Watching this play out as your Mayor, I knew I had to do more to stop this kind of nonsense.

When I learnt that the NSW Liberal Party had parachuted in a candidate, that not only lived in San Souci, but had worked for the Minister for Planning,  I knew Wollondilly's character and our lifestyle was under threat.   I then knew that I had to take a stand and run and just how vital it is that I win.

Wollondilly must be put first!  We can  achieve this by voting for a  local representative with the experience and backbone to get things done and to hold the Liberal  or Labor State Government to account.

To do this I need your Vote.